We messed up.

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Whether Men are Wimps or Just Immunologically Inferior

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Ben did go

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It Takes Careful Planning to Scale a Mountain of Cheese

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Psion, the Next Generation

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What I do have are a very particular set of skills

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the matter of false confessions

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On Reading and Books

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Do You Feel Pretty?' Well do you, punk?

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"You weren't there." "I'm glad."

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“You weren’t there.” “I’m glad I wasn’t.”

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Liquid Television on Internet Archive

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"We build a shield, and somebody will build a better missile."

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A compendium of recent stories of sexual misconduct in the TV Industry

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"I don’t know where to put all my feelings about Woody Allen"

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Fantasy Transit Map of the Roads of Ancient Rome

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Equal Justice — Respectfully yours, Rosa L. Parks

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“I introduced it critically...It was in the spirit of the debate.”

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Besides all the corn, of course.

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Libertarians love child labor, but still.

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a “Moz Angeles High School” T-shirt is involved

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What do Manson, Hubbard, and Heinlein Have in Common?

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Hacking the repeal of net neutrality

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National Coganative Dissonance

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"You must Clap Hands when the base is plaid, and cry, alla, alla"

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